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The Year of the Dragon...And a New Thriller

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2024 is the Year of the Dragon! So, it seems quite appropriate that my current work-in-progress is a book with a working title of...drum roll... Dragon Island.

The logline is:

A paleontologist and her scientist ex-boyfriend must learn why the U.S. military is covering up an alleged dragon attack on a small island before an overzealous general silences them for good.

Here's the basic premise:

Deep in a Caribbean rainforest, a clandestine U.S. military base is hiding a terrifying secret. Something has escaped and has decimated a small village on the Puerto Rican island of Isla Lagarta—something the survivors insist was a dragon. When paleontologist Dr. Vikki Barnes and her scientist ex-boyfriend get too close to the truth, they become the army's number one targets. Now they must stay alive and find the creature, with the assistance of a very special 12-year-old girl.

Meanwhile, the full book has been outlined, and I'm currently writing Chapter 7. My hope is to finish it this year. I'm having a blast with it and doing tons of research. I've already made several trips to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia to get a sense of a day in the life of a paleontologist and how they'd even approach being called to investigate such a strange phenomenon.

Fans of Jurassic Park should enjoy the book. I actually outlined this story back in 2013 but had some other books ahead of it on the docket. I finally decided I couldn't wait any longer. This one was just begging to be written.

To whet your appetite, here are three websites that examine the various dragon cultures around the world:

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