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Dragons and Dinos and Science, Oh My!

Island sci-fi adventure, dinosaurs, dragons

What do paleontologists, advanced helicopters, Puerto Rican myths and legends, dragon mythology, rainforests, and HAARP high frequency testing all have in common?

They're all part of the research for my next book, a high-stakes adventure-thriller with a fun cast of characters. I can't reveal the title or the plot yet, but the book is fully outlined and well underway. I've been having a blast doing the research for it.

When I first started formulating the book, I had the splendid opportunity to spend a few hours with a renowned paleontologist at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, which was a tremendous help. And just recently, I visited the institute again for a special related exhibit and some discussion with staff.

Looking forward to sharing more as it gets closer to completion. I actually have a number of books on the horizon (all outlined, including a sequel to The Mirror Man, a follow-up to The Kronos Interference with Ed Miller, a paranormal thriller, and a new Hitchcockian thriller series), but this one was nagging at me, and I just had to write it first. Stay tuned for more!


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