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The Sands That Sing to You

Updated: Jan 16

J.B. Manas, The One, book location, Singing Sands, Eureka Sand Dunes

When my co-author Ed Miller and I were exploring location ideas for the climactic showdown in our latest book, The One, I happened upon an interesting place that I knew would be perfect. Ed agreed.

The Eureka Sand Dunes in Death Valley are home to the Singing Sands, where at the top of the 680-foot dunes, you can experience something really strange. The sands sing to you.

More specifically, when the sand slides down the steep dunes, you can hear a sound reminiscent of a deep choir or the bass notes of a pipe organ. While nobody knows for sure, scientists speculate it's caused by the friction between the grains of sand. Why it only happens here is anybody's guess.

But don't take my word for it. Experience it yourself in this short video from National Geographic! Then read The One and see how we used it in the finale!

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