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What has J.B. Manas been up to? Here you'll find the latest updates, interviews, media, appearances, events.

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The Mirror Man is now available on in ebook and paperback!

In this stylish, twisty thriller, a reclusive writer with the power to read memories is forced by a mysterious stranger to steal government secrets.

The One is now available on in ebook and paperback!

When a malevolent alien posing as the Messiah plans a false rapture to abduct millions, a downtrodden former pastor is approached by a mysterious child to help save the world.

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Interviews and Media

Interviews and Media

Agent Palmer Reviews The One “...When Miller and Manas collaborate, I’m usually in. They haven’t let me down yet! "

J.B. Manas Interviewed in The Big Thrill about The One The Big Thrill discusses The One with J.B. Manas (the sci-fi thriller he co-authored with Edward Miller)

The Mirror Man Wins Book Award – The book was named Best Sci-Fi Thriller of 2022 by the judges as!

J.B. Manas interviewed in Indie Reader – The behind the scenes of The Mirror Man explored.

The Mirror Man named a Quarter Finalist in Publisher’s Weekly’s Booklife Prize – The judges scored the book a perfect 10 in all categories, including Plot/Idea, Originality, Prose, Character/Execution, and Overall.  Booklife says of the book, “Brace yourself for a riveting ride that will keep you the edge of your seat.

Kirkus Reviews Calls The Mirror Man a “Stylish and Engaging Crime Tale” – Click the link to read the full review.

J.B. Manas Interviewed in The Big Thrill J.B. Manas was interviewed about The Mirror Man in the September 2022 issue of The Big Thrill, the official magazine of the International Thriller Writers Association. Reviews The Mirror Man – “An epic supernatural spy thriller that may be the first entry in a blockbuster franchise. Highly recommended.”

Agent Palmer Reviews The Mirror Man “The Mirror Man marries spy thrills, strange chills, and more…”

Agent Palmer Interviews J.B. Manas A “thorough interrogation” by noted pop culture blogger Agent Palmer results in a fun, detailed, and informative interview (as J.B. jokes, “perhaps the longest interview in recorded history, but great fun.”).

Atticus covered in The Big Thrill J.B. Manas was interviewed in The Big Thrill, the magazine of the International Thriller Writers (ITW).

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J.B. frequently speaks at pop culture conventions on writing sci-fi, thrillers, and fantasy, often with his Kronos Interference co-author, Edward Miller.

J.B. Manas Speaking at Wizard World Philadelphia


Finding the Magic: Three Ingredients for a Memorable Thriller (J.B. Manas Guest Blog on Killer Nashville)

Read more on the J.B. Manas Blog

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