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Atticus book cover - J.B. Manas - sci-fi thriller



"Fast-paced sci-fi fun with timely application.”


"... An adventure filled with twists, turns, and thrilling suspense.”

– Paula Berinstein, Story Consultant, Author, and producer/host of The Writing Show podcast

In this twisty sci-fi suspense thriller, a rookie policewoman must protect a downed pilot who thinks it's 1944 and find out why they're both being hunted by government agents and a Nordic assassin with unearthly powers.

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She just rescued a British World War II pilot from a crashed plane. But what's he doing in modern day Bucks County?


Rookie cop Marti Coldwater gets more than she bargained for when she witnesses a plane crash and the only passenger is an amnesic young airman who thinks it's 1944. Soon, murderous men in suits and a sinister Nordic assassin are pursuing them. Their mission? Capture the stranger and kill anyone who's seen him.


On the run with her newfound companion, Marti is thrown into a web of highly classified government programs, astonishing alien secrets, and a clandestine plot threatening the entire planet. Now, her only hope of saving the world is to recover the memories of a man who may be the most dangerous of all—the man who calls himself Atticus.


Can Marti survive long enough to find out who Atticus is and why everyone wants him captured… and her dead?


Atticus is a gripping sci-fi thriller full of mesmerizing twists and turns. If you enjoy stories with alien-government conspiracies, secret World War II projects, and hidden Icelandic military bases, then you'll love this engaging thrill-ride from award-winning author J.B. Manas.


Buy Atticus today to enter a world of mystery, surprise, and otherworldly dangers.



“ATTICUS captured my imagination immediately and I was off on a spaceship-speed ride, disbelief immediately suspended. Interweaving contemporary law enforcement, government agencies, Antarctica, science fiction, and extraterrestrials, this is a “I’ve got to read this in one sitting ’cause I can’t stop” story.”

- Into the Abyss Reviews – By Mallory Heart Recommends

“Fast-paced sci-fi fun with timely application. Atticus is a moving story that doesn’t just move, it runs to its conclusion in the best possible way… [Manas] wields words like a master storyteller, not giving away too much while still giving you the complete picture… Atticus is not only brilliant, it’s a timely read, as evil fills our social media and the struggle for good seems hopeless. It isn’t.”


“Move over Alfred Hitchcock! If you love the master of suspense, you will love Atticus. I guarantee you will be spellbound as the reluctant hero encounters a mysterious visitor and gets caught up in an adventure filled with twists, turns, and thrilling suspense, culminating in the final set piece of an Icelandic volcano.”

- Paula Berinstein, Story Consultant, Author, and producer/host of The Writing Show podcast



  • Publisher: JBM Publishing

  • Available in: Paperback. Kindle

  • ISBN: 978-1543155358

  • Published: May 23, 2017

  • Amazon
  • Kindle
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