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Mindblowing Undersea Hotels: Research for a Thriller

Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji - Jerry Manas Blog

In the time-travel thriller The Kronos Interference, my novel with Ed Miller, nanotechnologist Jacob Newman is called to investigate an undersea object that appears to be alien in nature. It's the size of three football fields and appears to be a ship or container of some sort, made of an organic, biological material unknown to man.

Inside the creepy, cavernous vessel are eight giant floating monitors, all but one depicting a major violent event in human history, from the Roman siege of Jerusalem to Hiroshima to 9/11. The lone exception, the eighth monitor, is blank. To study this bizarre anomaly, an undersea scientific complex has been constructed off the coast of Chile, where the object was discovered by the US Navy.

In researching Jacob's undersea living quarters, I reviewed quite a few real-life undersea resorts. The inspiration for Jacob’s cabin was taken from the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji (pictured above). The sprawling military complex itself was loosely inspired by the design of the never-completed Hydropolis resort in Dubai, though the facility in the book was completely submerged.

Researching locations for a book can indeed be quite fun. Meanwhile, if you're curious about the current plethora of real-life undersea resorts, or if you want to do some exploring of your own, here's a great list of the 15 Best Underwater Hotels in the World!

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